The Structures team owns structure layout, design, analysis, and manufacturing for our demonstration aircraft, Quarterhorse. We have the rare opportunity to take a vehicle from nearly clean sheet design, through flight, and are looking for passionate engineers to join us. Quarterhorse will experience extreme environments, presenting unique structural engineering challenges. We are looking for collaborative team members who enjoy solving difficult technical problems and are up for picking up tools to put our plane together.

At Hermeus, we are constantly learning and growing in the fast-paced development environment. We have a "hardware-rich" philosophy and encourage our team to build and test early and often to buy down program risk. We are looking for structures and mechanical engineers with design and analysis experience who keep manufacturability front of mind. We're also looking for highly skilled development technicians to join the team early to provide critical design input.

The Structures Team is actively interviewing for the following skillsets:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • Landing Gear
  • Mechanisms
  • Development Technician

We're also always interested in talking to folks with these skillsets:

  • Materials

We encourage you to apply even if you have skillsets and experience outside of our current needs as we're always open to connect and discuss future opportunities.